How to Be with Your Work and Find New Ideas
How to Be with Your Work and Find New Ideas

It’s hard to find new ideas. But finding the will power and discipline to act on your ideas, to see them to fruition, is even harder. We all know someone who seems to get more work done in a day than we can do in a week. And this makes us question our abilities and intelligence. Some of us give in to these questions and doubts and accept them. Others keep on trying, and yet success seems to evade them even after years of pursuit.

It was the same for me. To change the pattern, I purchased many books and…

If you prefer desktop computers over portable laptops, the Apple M1 Mac mini is currently the most value for money Mac that you can buy. The Apple M1 chip is incredible, and it’s giving tough completion even to some of the higher-end iMac models, that too with a starting price tag of $699. There has never been a better time to buy a Mac mini than right now. So, if you are investing in the Mac mini and looking for cool peripherals to enhance your setup, here are the best Apple M1 Mac mini accessories you can buy in 2021.

How to Redact PDF on Mac
How to Redact PDF on Mac

Lately, I have been on a PDF editing journey on my Mac. I had to go through dozens of PDF documents, and I needed a good PDF editor to read and catalog them. And while the built-in Preview app on Mac packs enough features to perform basic PDF editing (like merging PDFs), it can’t perform advanced functions. For example, one of the missing features in Preview is the redaction tool. Here, I will share an app that lets you easily edit and redact PDF documents.

How to Redact a PDF Document using PDFExpert

PDFExpert is a powerful PDF editor for Mac that lets you edit PDF files with…

How to Combine Multiple PDFs Using Preview on Mac
How to Combine Multiple PDFs Using Preview on Mac

Preview might just be my favorite built-in app for the Mac. Not only it is versatile and can open several different file formats, but it’s also powerful and has tons of features. Using Preview on Mac, you can highlight PDF, add comments and annotations, combine PDF files, delete pages from PDF files, and more. For this article, I am going to focus one of those features and show you how you can combine multiple PDFs using Preview on Mac.

Combine Multiple PDF Files Using Preview on Mac

Preview makes it easy to combine multiple PDF files. To combine PDF files, open the first PDF file and then enable…

I love using Siri on my HomePod mini. I use it to play podcasts and songs, check my calendar events, control my home devices, and more. On the other hand, I hate using Siri on my iPhone, iPad, or Mac, as my experience has been less than optimal. If Siri Shortcuts have not been such a big part of my workflow, I would have completely disabled Siri by now. If you too don’t find Siri useful, here is how you can turn off Siri on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Turn Off Siri on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

In this article, I will show how to disable Siri on…

If you have been following this website for some time, you know that I listen to a ton of podcasts. I love podcasts because not only they fill up mundane time with interesting stories, but they also allow me to learn things. However, there’s one problem that I encountered when listening to podcasts. I listen to podcasts when I am doing some chore like washing my dishes or traveling to my office. And those are the times when it is impossible to take notes on what you are listening to. …

By now, everyone has seen the reviews of the latest iPhone 12 mini. The biggest concern that reviewers have about the iPhone 12 mini is its battery life. YouTube is filled with videos calling iPhone 12 mini an excellent phone which doesn’t last long. But despite those videos and hype of short battery life, I am buying the 128GB iPhone 12 mini. I am upgrading from my iPhone X to the iPhone 12 mini, and I couldn’t be happier. Let me tell you why:

Why The Small Battery Hype is Ridiculous

Many reviewers sometimes forget that normal users are not spending their entire lives on the phone…

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Choosing a note-taking app is hard. It seems that there is a shiny new notes app released every other month. And we can’t decide whether to stick with our current app or to hop onto the new one. If there is an app category where choice overload is real, it is this one. But it does not have to be hard. There are steps that you can take to make this job easier. In this article, I am going to discuss those steps to help you choose the perfect note taking app for you.

What are Notes?

After spending an unreasonable amount of…

Generate Automatic Gradient Wallpapers Using WallCreator Shortcut (Free)
Generate Automatic Gradient Wallpapers Using WallCreator Shortcut (Free)

Federico Vitticci over at Macstories has created some of the best iOS shortcuts for the Shortcuts app on iPhone. I use his iPhone frame generator shortcut every day to get work done. His latest creation is a shortcut that automatically generates solid and gradient color wallpapers for iPhone and iPad. For people like me who prefer gradient wallpapers over others as they not only look good but also offer better visibility, this is a nice shortcut to have. If you also prefer it, here is how you can install the WallCreator shortcut and generate wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad.

Generate Gradient Wallpapers for Free

The ability to paste phone numbers into iPhone’s Phone app has existed for many years. Somehow I missed it and was manually typing phone numbers like a moron. I don’t blame myself entirely as the feature is hidden, and there’s no chance that you are going to discover it on your own, even accidentally. So, if you were also unaware that this feature existed, here is how you can paste phone numbers into iPhone’s Phone App.

Paste Phone Numbers into iPhone’s Phone App

The steps are simple, and once you know it, you will curse yourself for not knowing this feature for all these years. …


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